What’s it like to receive the HOLY SPIRIT?

Chris Dare🔥
6 min readMar 23, 2019

Hey, thanks for reading. You know, everyone has a unique experience encountering the HOLY SPIRIT — because we’re unique and HE relates to us on a personal level. Someday, I’m gonna be shaking Africa and people will want to understand my foundation. I’m gonna tell them it’s the HOLY SPIRIT and probably direct them to this post. So, here’s my experience. Be blessed!

Let’s rewind to 9 years ago. I’d just finished writing my high school exams and was enjoying my longest vacation at the time. So a week or two into the vacay, one of my friends invites me to her church for a service. I ask her to name the day and time, and she says it’s a 12 pm on a weekday. The first thing that pops up in my head is “A church that has meetings on weekdays in the afternoon?” I wasn’t used to that. (Little did I know that would become something I’d soon come to love) But I had nothing doing anyways so I tell her, “Yh sure I’ll come.”

And go I did. Visiting her church was a wonderful journey — and I literally mean “journey” because it was pretty far. That was my first time going that far on my own. It was very exciting. After about an hour or so, we finally arrived at the venue. It was a warehouse that looked so ordinary on the outside but once we were in, I was dazzled. THE PLACE WAS AMAZING!!! I’d never seen anything like that before. But it was not the size that caught my attention — it was the feeling; the moment the door closed behind us, I felt like I was a different realm. The place was magnificent, not because of the setting or the stunning designs, but the presence of GOD. I LITERALLY FELT IT. The atmosphere was saturated with the presence of GOD. How did I know it was the presence of GOD? I don’t know how I knew it was the presence of GOD — I just knew it. We joined the congregation to worship. I couldn’t take my eyes off the set design. It was so beautiful. These people had clearly purposed to give the LORD their best. It was a matter of the heart. Someone went on stage to tell us that the meeting was about to begin and soon after, a group of ministers led us in worship. The session was sublime. It was magnificent, glorious and overwhelming. Words are not enough to describe the experience. What I can tell you is at that moment I decided that I wanted to do this over and over again all my life. And, as we worshipped, I felt a void in my heart filled from above. I didn’t understand it then, but today I know that’s what it’s like to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. I could write extensively on this but, I’d rather not. Let’s continue.

I don’t really remember much after the worship. I do know that someone preached (can’t remember what it was about either) and sooner or later the meeting came to an end. My friend took me to a woman who was meeting first-time visitors to the church. She was very nice. There was something about her: she was very confident and spoke with authority about everything she discussed with us. She asked us, visitors, whether we’d received JESUS CHRIST, have the HOLY SPIRIT in us and speak in tongues. For JESUS I knew I had received. The HOLY SPIRIT and tongues speaking, not so much. And so I told her. She promised to pray with us and that she did. Everyone confessed the LORDSHIP of JESUS and then prayed to receive the HOLY SPIRIT and then she imparted us with the HOLY SPIRIT. And then she tells us that we’re gonna speak in tongues….In my head, I go like “How’s that gonna happen?” The lady tells us that she’s gonna speak in tongues and we should join her do the same. Reflecting now, I’m really amazed at the childlike faith I expressed; I didn’t question her or blurt out that it’s not rationally possible to just speak a new language you’ve never heard of or some other garbage that some people cook up hehe. I just “went with the flow”. You see, tongues-speaking was real to me. A lotta people around me, including my parents, did it and I wanted to join the club — not to earn bragging rights but to share in the experience. Some of these were people I knew before and after they got born again and so I could see the difference in their lives. And this is why I will always tell anyone who doubts tongues speaking that it’s real and that they’re missing out on life — literally. I cannot explain just how relevant that gift of the HOLY SPIRIT is. I hope I grow in the ability to do so soon but what I can tell you now is that it is one to be experienced!

So the lady tells us that she’s gonna speak in tongues…and when we hear her speak in tongues we should open our mouths to do the same. Say what?!?!?! Well, my childlike faith and eager expectation didn’t think twice. I was too focussed and ready to engage in this spiritual gift that there was no time to think “what if it doesn’t work?”. Our lady began to speak in tongues as I opened my mouth, I began to burst forth speaking in tongues like nobody’s business. I felt like someone had unlocked the padlock of my tongues. I was just going and I didn’t want to stop. Eventually, I did have to stop as I was signalled by our lady friend. She asked us whether we spoke in tongues and I told her I sure did. I remember some other guy by me said he didn’t. I was really surprised because it was so easy! It taught me that everything thing is easy when your faith is up. And having isn’t a difficult thing — you’ve got to be childlike before GOD, that’s all. Perhaps, I may write about this sometime in the future.

Before leaving the premises, I tried speaking in tongues again and later when I got home. I was so delighted that I could do so now and that nobody could take it away from me. On that day, I received a prescient vision from the HOLY SPIRIT. I didn’t understand it then but I do now. It was an indication of things to come! The experience on that day left me desiring for the things of the SPIRIT. I’m fully convinced that GOD has a great plan for me and I wanna carry it out in HIS will. And hey, it’s the same for you too — if you’ll allow GOD to make your life beautiful. It all starts with JESUS.

If you’d like to join me and millions of other believers on this journey of purpose, fulfilment, prosperity and greatness…then all you have to do is receive JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT. Join me say this prayer:

Dear LORD JESUS, I thank you for dying on the cross for me to being me complete and total salvation. I know that my righteousness is not enough to save me and so I receive yours by your grace and mercy and power. Thank you LORD JESUS. Be the LORD and MASTER over my life. Cause me to walk in your truth, love, joy and prosperity. Precious HOLY SPIRIT, I love you; I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I receive you into my life right now — permanently. Lead me, cause me to walk in your truth, help me walk in my destiny, in JESUS’S mighty name! Thank GOD I’m born again! Thank GOD I’m prosperous! HALLELUJAH!!

Congratulations! If you just said this prayer, you’re born again! You’re awesome. That’s how simple and easy it is. And here’s the good news, this is permanent. Nobody can take away your salvation. Absolutely nobody. Nothing can tamper with it — not even sin. GOD means business. Think about it; HE died for your past, present and future sins — and not just you but everyone else. HE’s done the hard part for us. All that’s left for us is to step into it by receiving HIS salvation. It’s not too good to be true. That’s what the bible says — clearly. Spend time reading the book of Romans for more insight. Even the first 6 chapters will get you sold.

Hey, by the way, if you got born again from reading this and you wanna learn more about JESUS and what HE has done for us, feel free to hit me up. You can send me an email at hello@chrisdare.me or click this link.

Thanks for reading. I’d like to hear your experience on how you received JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. If Medium is your thing (which isn’t for a lotta Ghanaians at the time of this writing lol), you can leave a comment below. Otherwise, tell someone. It’s the same!

Thelma, thank you very much! I’ll forever be grateful for what you did. You’re blessed in JESUS’S NAME! Continue to be an inspiration. I love you.

Till next time everyone. . .